Curious Exploration 3: Righteous Rage on Many Sides...

Elise Springuel joins us for this episode where we discuss the surreal nature of the "Free Speech" rallies and counter-protests held in both Charlottesville and Boston (which Elise attended). 

Commonwealth magazine discusses what was going on at the Free Speech Rally in Boston.

The New Yorker: The Boston Protests and the Limits of Trumpism

The Atlantic discusses the new rise of the Antifa movement.

Slate: The Best Signs from the Boston Protests

Vice's episode that brings you right into Charlottesville: Charlottesville: Race and Terror

New York Times: A Glossary of Extremist Language

Washington Post: A Guide to Richard Spencer Getting Punched

Love and Radio’s amazing episode on How to Argue

Lea Thau, host of the incredible podcast Strangers, explores Trumpland