That Was a Weird Week

Last week, was a little wonky.  So instead of throwing up a recipe, I decided to write a bit about it.   

Joe and I got back from our long weekend in Florida a little bit sick late Monday afternoon.  We powered through grocery shopping after picking up new windshield wipers right when we got home, during rush hour.  Seriously. If you want to test how strong your relationship is, wake up at 5:45am, sit in morning rush hour traffic for over an hour, navigate an unfamiliar airport before breakfast, wait for your flight, fly home, make the 45 minute ride home from the airport, THEN immediately spend the next few hours sitting in more rush hour traffic getting to an Autozone and grocery store.  We did it though! And we made our delicious parmesan crusted salmon with sweet potatoes and veggies when we got home. BAM!

The next day we experimented a bit and made a frittata for the first time.  Next time, I’d use different chicken sausages (some are really good, and some taste fake and weird I’ve decided) but it was pretty delicious.  Definitely a new favorite of mine. Reason 1,890,000 why I love our cast iron skillet. If you don’t have one, get one now.

Things got weird on Wednesday.  Thankfully, Joe was able to work from home so he could rest up a bit.  I made it all the way into work and realized I misplaced my wallet. After spending 10 minutes stuck in the hallway between the bathroom and my office waiting for someone to let me in, I asked Joe to help look around our bedroom.  No dice. After spending most of my day panicking about my wallet and being stuck behind doors I couldn’t get into, I finally made it home to find my wallet in a pretty predictable spot. FANTASTIC.

This same day, we had also gotten a new oven because our last oven broke for some unknown reason that the technician couldn’t fix (thankfully the oven had at least worked the previous two nights).  However, the plumber never made it to the house to hook the oven up to the gas. Joseph and I took one look at each other and decided take out. Us getting take out is a pretty big deal, we rarely do it.  I think that it was the second pizza we ordered since moving into the apartment in September. We always cook and occasionally go out for dinner, mostly when we travel. So it was time for buffalo chicken pizza!  We tried a new spot (Andrew Square House of Pizza) and it was alright. Could have been spicier, but it was the same greek style greek pizza I have always loved. And then the snowstorm hit.

Nothing dramatic happened with this snowstorm, I just got to work from home which was crucial in my runny nose and sore throat recovery.  We decided to make the chicken thighs for dinner Thursday night and push everything else on the menu out. That was a satisfying dinner - light and clean. Chicken thighs in an Asian style marinade, baked sweet potato, broccoli, and some riced cauliflower.  We were thinking a quinoa bowl type dinner.

Friday night Joe and I made a delicious, delicious salad.  Just a steak salad with the usual fixings. We normally add hard boil some eggs too, which we did...they were just soft-boiled.  It was fine, Joe just threw them in the salad and it helped create a makeshift salad dressing (along with some olive oil, salt, and pepper).  Then I made a peanut butter no bake pie for dessert. INDULGENT.

Okay, so it wasn’t all that weird, it was really just the take out that threw us off.  Anyways, this week it’s back to the usual routine. I’m sitting next to Joe at the kitchen table, while he chops up garlic and spinach to throw into some couscous that will go with some salmon.  Always something delicious coming out of the Hinckley kitchen.