Chapter 31 - Quarl

Quarl tries to enter something called the Liminality, but is interrupted by an unwanted guest.

Chapter starts at 1:29.

Chapter 30 - Sypher

Sypher pays a call to a famous general from the Heretik's war, and it does not end well.

Chapter starts at 2:35.

Chapter 29 - Linkoln

Linkoln and Rosa are on a mission to assassinate a well-guarded and prominent merchant in Thalami, but can they get along well enough to succeed?

Chapter starts at 1:40.

Chapter 25 - Cid

Cid and the King's council question Ebon and Quarl about what happened in Thora.

Chapter starts at 1:51.

Chapter 23 - Celeste

Celeste finds herself in somewhere both familiar and completely foreign as she discovers the secret about her mother's dagger.

Chapter starts at 1:30.

Chapter 19 - Linkoln

Linkoln is on the hunt for a way to infiltrate the dark underbelly of Thalami's organized crime, and seems to have found a way in.

Chapter starts at 1:20.

Chapter 18 - Celeste

New character alert! We meet Celeste for the first time, and learn more about the Kelavres.

Chapter starts at 2:00.

Chapter 15 - Quarl

Quarl jumps around Acton trying to find Ebon, and runs into an unlikely man.

Chapter starts at 2:08.

Chapter 14 - Linkoln

Linkoln has a brief dalliance with a mystery woman, and then runs off to have a chat with the King.

Warning, adult content until 3:43, and again between 8:45-10:00.
Chapter starts at 1:18.