Chapter 12 - Cid

Cid Saleva has a chat with Cephelo, and checks in with the Kopex about Blackstone's death.

Chapter stars at 5:12.

Chapter 11 - Linkoln

Part 2 begins with a new character, Linkoln, as we learn more about the politics of Seratone.

Chapter begins at 2:04.

Reflection of Part One

Sydney joins me to discuss her thoughts on part one of The Shifting Sands. We talk about what she liked, what could have been better, and generally goof off.

Chapter 10 - Ebon

Take a trip down memory lane with Ebon, and then see what happens when Quarl and Ebon finally meet.

Chapter starts at 2:23.

Chapter 08 - Ebon


Ebon and Blackstone search Thora, for the Animi. Ebon weaves a tale for Zane and his crew.

Trigger warning from 37min to 49.5min.

Chapter starts 3:20.


Chapter 06 - Ebon

Ebon and Blackstone run into some fellow travelers on their way to Thora, and Ebon tries to make some friends.

Chapter starts at 2:18.

Chapter 05 - Quarl

Last time we were with Quarl he touched a sword in his parents room, and passed out. Where he ends up is quite the mystical place.

Chapter starts at 2:01.

Chapter 04 - Ebon

In this week's chapter we go on a stroll through the forest with Ebon on his journey to Thora with Blackstone. We learn a little more about both characters, and end with some ACTION!

Chapter starts at 4:05.

Chapter 03 - Quarl

Introducing the main protagonist of my books, Quarl! And wouldn't you know, it's his birthday. Spoiler's not going to be a good one.

Chapter starts at 2:07.

Chapter 02 - Ebon

Chapter 2 introduces a new character, Ebon Mandis, the twin brother of Mylo from the prologue. This episode is short, but I wouldn't get used to it!

Episode starts at 3:50.

Chapter 01 - Cid

In chapter one, we step into the mind of Cid Saleva, a compulsive member of the church, and our first introduction into the fantastical world of The Shifting Sands. 

Chapter starts at 2:20.

Prologue - Mylo

In the first episode of The Writer's Kitchen, Joe introduces you to the concept of The Writer's Kitchen, reads the prologue of his book The Shifting Sands, and then provides his commentary and thoughts. 

Chapter starts at 3:40.